Secure Communication

Fully encrypted, secure, and mobile business communication for any modern office

The way our workplaces look and behave has been undergoing a great deal of flux and experimentation in recent years, urged on by a wide range of driving forces. From an organizational perspective, there has been a need to make your property portfolio more cost-effective, while also providing an engaging environment that both attracts the best talent and helps them to collaborate and innovate.

Flexible Communication
Flexibility, reliability, and mobility are some key defining factors propelling the modern office, all of which are brought to the forefront when using a hosted phone system. With an iOS and Android-supported app for mobile use, and a browser-based web phone for desktop use: your workforce can connect whenever they want and however, they want. This enables employers to become more dynamic and improve productivity by hiring from a rich talent pool of remote workers whether it be locally or from around the world.

Key Features
• Find Me/Follow Me – Callers dial one phone number and can reach you wherever you are, on any of your devices. You can set all your phones to ring simultaneously or have them ring in sequence.
• Transcription – All your voicemail messages are transformed into readable text so you can quickly scan your messages as they come in. Conveniently read them on your computer or mobile device.
• Web Phone – Increase the reach of your business phone system and open the door to a more geographically diverse workforce with a browser-based phone solution using any Mac/PC, a web browser, and a microphone

Convenience is in the Cloud
The pressure to streamline business operations into lean, efficient, and cost-effective entities is immense. With crystal-clear call quality, flexibility, and system scalability through our affordable and extensive advanced phone features, delivered over our reliable geo-redundant platform: businesses can reduce office phone system costs and increase productivity simultaneously. The convenience and reliability of our cloud-hosted communications system makes it the best solution for any business.

If you would like more information on how Aspen Lane’s phone systems can help your business become more flexible, please reach out to Stevin at We would love to schedule a demo with you.

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