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Our mission is to provide trustworthy, professional technical support and services to our community and throughout southeastern Manitoba.

We are located in the countryside between Ste. Anne and Landmark.

Jeff Penner founded Aspen Lane Technology in 2009. He was always the smart kid in school. His dad was one of the first in the community to get a computer, so Jeff grew up with them. Over the years he got more and more requests to help friends with their technical problems. People would invite the family over for supper and then say, “Hey, while you’re here, there’s this issue I have....!” Eventually Jeff decided to make this a career that would supply him with more than supper for his family and voila!, Aspen Lane was born. The business continued to grow, adding employees and expanding into website development and bookkeeping. Today we have 7-10 employees.

Aspen Lane has been through some tough times. Jeff died from cancer in 2016 and a decision needed to be made about the future of the company. We felt that Aspen Lane Technology supplied a very strong and vital service to the community. Our wonderful clients we have provided support to have been a great support. We want to continue to build on this relationship.

We feel strongly about family and community values. Our goal is to portray these values our business by providing a cheerful, enthusiastic and respectful environment for both our employees and our clients.

promoting your business through

websites and e-commerces

Company websites have become fundamental to the relationship with the customer. Through this tool potential customers will get to know your company, regardless of its size. They promote the company’s brand on the internet as well as function like the window of a store that displays its products 24/7, 365 days per year.

A well-designed ecommerce website can reduce the costs of your entire business, taking customer service to levels never imagined. Challenge your business to enter distant markets and create new revenue possibilities. Successful businesses use ecommerce for much more than simply buying and selling products online; it also involves the process of developing, marketing, delivering and being paid for products and services. One of the ways to guarantee your success in the online sales business is to find the best way to satisfy the customer, winning their loyalty and encouraging them to purchase again through ecommerce.

Aspen Lane Technology develops websites for businesses with exclusive and personalized layouts, easy to navigate and adaptable on all screens and devices. They are integrated with social networks, registered on Google Maps and monitored through Google Analytics.

looking for

software development?

Our team is skilled at developing custom software to improve your sales and efficiency. We develop custom applications from scratch as well as integrate your current software needs into new software to enhance your productivity.

Our headquarters are in a rural community and we realize the great effect coding and software has on the future of the agriculture industry. There is an increasing need for applications, integrating existing software with equipment and programming drones and autonomous equipment. We are committed to the advancement of robotics and automation in agriculture.

The developers on the team at Aspen Lane Technology have done extensive development using Java, Spring, SQL, AWS Developer tool, React, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery and Ruby on Rails.

professional it support so you

can focus on your business

Aspen Lane Technology provides IT support for small to medium sized businesses. We are knowledgeable and experienced in network design, setup and diagnostics, server setup, backups and system monitoring, internet security and much more.

Is your computer running much slower than usual? Are you wondering if you have a virus or any other forms of malware? Bring your computer in to Aspen Lane Technology and let us run multiple virus scans to guarantee that your computer is operating optimally.

If you are unsure if you should upgrade your existing computer or buy a new one, we can help you decide which is the best option for you.

It can be frustrating losing a document or file that you had been working on for a while due to an expected shutdown or corruption. We offer backup options that can prevent data loss.

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we manage your books

We offer professional accounting services for small businesses and farms. From data entry to payroll, we keep your books in tip-top shape so you always know where your business is at. We'll get you set up on the software of your choice and are certified professionals on Quickbooks.

You know it’s important to have an accurate, up-to-date financial snapshot of your business. But that requires work many small-business owners don’t have or take time for – consistent bookkeeping entries.

We can take a load off your mind and ensure this essential task gets completed accurately and quickly. By having your books kept up professionally, you quickly retrieve important data, such as current income statements, balance sheets, receivables and payables.




Aspen Lane Technology is convinced of the advantages of proactive maintenance on computer and network systems. Many businesses are playing catch-up by waiting until there is a known issue before contacting IT support. We offer monthly IT support contracts to address these needs. These contracts have the following features:

  • Monthly or biweekly checkup of all servers/computers
  • Access to reduced hardware pricing
  • Proactive approach to maintenance
  • Updates and antivirus on schedule
  • Remote monitoring
  • Written report for each computer after the site checkup


At Aspen Lane Technology we use enterprise grade software to remotely connect to almost any computer, whether macOS, Windows or Linux. We also offer monthly monitoring contracts where our technicians are alerted of potential critical failures, malware attacks or other challenges to your system before they can cause extensive damage.


Aspen Lane offers great service for your company’s growing IT needs. If you are moving into a new office or want to upgrade your network layout, we manage this service through our On-Site Network Installation service.

We provide computer system sales that are customized to the needs of your office. This also includes anti-virus and backup solutions that keep your data safe from cyber attacks and system malfunctions.


In today’s world of constant technological change, businesses are required to maintain up-to-date computer systems. Businesses must invest large sums of money to purchase new computer systems. Many times system upgrades are delayed because of these costs.

To address this need Aspen Lane has a monthly computer lease program to spread out the cost of upgrades and give you tax benefits. All computer leases include

  • Personalized recommendations on computers by Aspen Lane technicians
  • Computers and laptops in various pricing tiers
  • Complete setup of the computer and transfer of programs and data
  • Complete hardware warranty including labor
  • Reduced rate for software/network issues
  • Antivirus software
  • Erasure of all data is ensured at the end of the lease

contact our technicians

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For Remote Support, please call our toll-free number 1.877.381.0692, and you will be given instructions on how to connect. Please stay on this page.

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