Our mission is to provide trustworthy, professional technical support and services to our community and throughout southeastern Manitoba

Are you tired of trying to stay on top of your ever-growing computer network?

Or does the weight of the ever present bookkeeping bog you down?

Accounting is the Language of Business. -Warren Buffet

Sometimes life gets the better of us and we have to sit back and ask, what can I do to slow down and work this out more efficiently? Quite possibly, bookkeeping is the one thing holding you back from this more peaceful life or perhaps holding back the expansion and passion from your business.

Bookkeeping is truly the pillar of your business growth or the crumble of it's decay, and here at Aspen Lane our bookkeepers would love to take on your accounting challenges, to give you the peace of mind you've been longing for. Wether it be cleaning up your accounts, monitoring things quarterly, or doing an over-all take over of your bookkeeping, they are here for your every need!

We'll help you utilize your IT resources with our maintenance plans

At Aspen Lane, we know you are the kind of people that want to be there for your customers. In order to do that, you need to have a well-functioning network. We know how frustrating it can be to try to maintain a troublesome network while working hard to keep your customers happy.

 The problem is that without someone to manage that network, it is impossible to keep everything working, which puts important jobs behind schedule, leaving you feeling stretched thin. We believe that computers should help your business succeed, not hold you back. We understand the challenges failing computers can bring to a business. We know. That's why we started offering our customers maintenance plans, to keep your network up to date and bring an end to computer outages.

Here's how it works: meet with us, tell us about your business' IT problems, and make a plan so you can move past them. Get a maintenance plan today, so you can stop worrying about your computers failing and start focusing on growing your business.

Our maintenance plans include:

  • Network and system monitoring
  • Backup solutions
  • Anti-viruses
  • Scheduled checkups
  • And more

Let us manage your network instead of letting it manage you!

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24/7 Network Monitoring

Scheduled Checkups

Total Network Security

All Your On-Demand IT Troubles

Running into technical troubles with your personal phones and computers, or maybe you're a work-from-home entrepreneur who occasionally comes up against a difficult IT issue?

Aspen Lane offers on-demand IT which means you can bring any device in here Monday-Friday, 8-5 and we'll solve your problem.

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Computer Sales and Leasing

Finding the computer you need and love can be extremely difficult for some people. In fact it can drive some almost over the brink when they feel they don't even know what they are looking for. Here we are to fix this for you! Our IT guys love a good computer hunt and know exactly what to look for!

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Our Other Services

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" Aspen Lane has built us a website that fills our needs. More importantly, they have tweaked and made it what we asked for. They are a very responsive business. Websites or computer IT work, they have earned our business through good work and responsive actions. "

John Penner - Penner Builders

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