About Us

Our mission is to provide trustworthy, professional technical support and services to our community and throughout southeastern Manitoba

We are located in the countryside between Ste. Anne and Landmark.

Jeff Penner founded Aspen Lane Technology in 2009. He was always the smart kid in school. His dad was one of the first in the community to get a computer, so Jeff grew up with them. Over the years he got more and more requests to help friends with their technical problems. People would invite the family over for supper and then say, “Hey, while you’re here, there’s this issue I have….!” Eventually Jeff decided to make this a career that would supply him with more than supper for his family and voila!, Aspen Lane was born. The business continued to grow, adding employees and expanding into website development and bookkeeping. Today we have 10 employees.

Aspen Lane has been through some tough times. Jeff died from cancer in 2016 and a decision needed to be made about the future of the company. We felt that Aspen Lane Technology supplied a very strong and vital service to the community. Our wonderful clients we have provided support to have been a great support. We want to continue to build on this relationship.

We feel strongly about family and community values. Our goal is to portray these values our business by providing a cheerful, enthusiastic and respectful environment for both our employees and our clients.

Our Team


Scott Goossen

General Manager


Cecile Penner



Lori Penner

Office Manager


Dylan Penner

Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Renato Morales

IT Technician


Greg Reimer

IT Technician


Allan Main

IT Technician


Ashley Wolghemuth



Katrina Wolghemuth



Caden Peters

Software Developer


Mandeep Singh Gill

Software Developer

Our Customers

"Aspen Lane has built us a website that fills our needs. More importantly, they have tweaked and made it what we asked for. They are a very responsive business. Websites or computer IT work, they have earned our business through good work and responsive actions."

John Penner
Penner Builders

"Aspen Lane has a very friendly & helpful professional team who deliver great service."

Jo-Anne Friesen
Mennonite Heritage Village

"Great company to work with. Response time is very good."

Cornellie Plett
PFP Sales and Service

"We have been using Aspen Lane for a few years. Their response time has been fantastic and the problems have always been repaired quickly and accurately. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking for outside IT. I really appreciate them."

John Janzen
Janzen Garage

"We have been using Aspen Lane Technology for a few years now. We bought our new server from them and we have been very happy with their expertise, sales and service. We would gladly recommend them for your computer IT needs."

Robert Plett
Three Way Builders

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