The Need For Speed

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Technology is our world these days, and this world is continually changing, growing, and finding faster methods to appease its people.

Recently our area has been seeing Fiber Optics vehicles burying cable on every corner and along the fields. They say their work will bring us a much faster speed internet in the future.

With this all, we’ve been seeing an increasing need for higher speed Wi-Fi. Most of us have been ok with our 2.4 GHE which sends 100 MB per second, but now as we keep moving on the WIFI 5 + 6 are becoming increasingly popular. WIFI 6 came out in 2019 and was updated again in 2021 and it can send up to 600 MB per second which is a huge upgrade.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might upgrade the speed to your house, but if you're beaming the internet to your barn or shop, the older access points will actually throttle the speeds, so the outlying buildings can't have the newer faster internet. Also if you're accessing your internet in your house through an older router, this may also be reducing internet speeds.

Aspen Lane has worked with lots of WIFI through the years and continues to do installs and provide support for any and all of your WIFI. If you are looking to upgrade to a faster system, let us know!!

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